Green wall – Red wall

Red wall Green wall is a collaborative project, a  site specific print
collage conformed of selected green color screen captures and google street view
imagery of a site collected previously to our arrival.

The work revolves around previous observation of the space, the flexibility of memory
and the passage of time. Before the wall was green, now it’s red. We focused on bringing
green wall back. The bare experience of a place through an ephemeral medium.
An imaginary possession of a place that is not real.

Red wall full scale. 2015

Google street view screen shots and Ink jet print compositions. 2015

The suspension of disbelief- as a position, the idea that you have to have faith in a medium, a record?
Utilizing the medium of that record as fixed information about a space you have never visited.
It changed and since the wall has changed from thepoint that I researched it brings together what

is interesting about google- it’s ephemeral. Even the place we thought we were coming to has changed.
We waited until we got here to establish the pieces we wanted to do. Captured past / present / future –
the idea that all of these elements are part of the force that we are bringing together reconstructing a wall.
Matching older pics to new pics. When we are done with the piece we consider all of things we had to do.
– CC, 2016

Green screen shot – color scheme composition. CC, 2015

Red Wall – Green wall – 2015
Site specific ink jet print paste. 120″ x 56″
La Plata, Argentina